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Where might we have been?

Hello again!

Development moves on, now on a more user friendly demo of the game, so beta testers, look forward to it! (Note that much of it is Placeholders, but WIP pictures are fun too right?)

More than than, I thought i'd take a moment to tell you guys what has been going on, and what will be going on:

21/10-22/10 Were we at Sweden Game in Skövde - Sweden
25/10-29/10 Were we at Game Connect in Paris - France
2/11 Today as of writing this!
5/11 Are we going to Countryhack in Vårgårda - Sweden
7/12-8/12 Are we going to VRX in San Fransisco – USA

So that's what we have been up to!

Until next time guys!

We are still alive!

Hello again!

So, long time no write, again, this is truly badly done by us and I on behalf of me and the rest of the team apologize for this. It really should be handled better. The last time you guys heard from us we said we would have released the game by now. As you all can see, this is not the case. There is however a good explanation and a good reasoning behind this. And we have not been slacking this past month, rather, we are discussing a lot of changes not only to the game as it is known, but rather to the future of the game and the company.

So to start off we have decided as you might have realized to postpone the game. The reasoning to this is that when we started doing the game and developing it during the summer we had the intention of that the game would be yet another VR-tech-demo. To show what is possible to do with VR and what is possible to do within a RTS. Those intentions have now shifted. What we want to do is not a tech demo, what we want to make for you guys is the full and complete experience. So that is what we are now making. What our vision is, is a full blown VR-RTS complete with all the tactical elements from the old PC RTS's. We want basebuilding, resource management and epic battles. So that is why we have decided to push the release forward. What the new release date will be we cannot say at this point, but our aim is to release it sometime during the first half of 2017.

The thing that is going to change is that we will keep more in touch with you all. More specifically I have been designated the role as community manager, so any questions or feedback you have you can talk to me about. We should atleast push out one update post per week. You guys who are currently on the beta will recieve continous updates for the game until the game is complete. For those of you who wish to keep in contact with us and to be a part of the development, we would like to invite you to our discord channel. I will be available there (close to) 24/7 for your disposal! The link to the discord is https://discord.gg/WrP8XYw .

Until next time guys!


Hello again!

So, well, our plan to update the blog weekly seems to have crashed and burned.. Sorry again about that.. For my part I can blame the schoolstart and for the others there is nothing and noone they can blame, but themselves. Well on to the more fun stuff:

So we actually are releasing a CLOSED BETA! Like literary today! If you have signed up on our mailing list you may have gotten a beta invite, and if you didn't get one or didn't get into the beta don't worry, the early access of the game will be out in the end of the month (hopefully) so it's not that long of a wait. To those who are in the beta, don't forget to be active on our steamforum during the beta and report bugs and give general feedback.

We will also have a beta party tonight, and will hopefully be streaming it on our twitchpage, "https://www.twitch.tv/stenkrossstudios" where we will chill around, play tablemen with the beta players and drink some booze!

Pretty much all I wanted to say today, hope we see you later this evening (CEST)(GMT+2) and hope we'll get out more blogposts during the beta and early access. I'm sure we will.

Until then!

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