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Gifs and Artillery!

Why hello again!

So time for an end-of-the-week blogpost! Firstly we posted two new GIFs recently, so I thought I'd share them here in case anyone missed them, also I promised you guys a review of our Artillery units, so that's upcoming as well! :D

So, the first gif:

During playtesting we encountered a bug where the menu used for producing units still had collision on, combine that with the physics used for unit ragdolls and we got ourselves a space game! (I am innocent btw ._.).

As for the second gif:

Self explanatory. Sad Christian is sad. Happy Jimmy is happy.

And lastly the Artillery units. It is to be said that the artillerists are still being produced, so I'm just gonna show the mortar pieces today:

From the left; Our ordinary old mortar unit which you have seen before, standard issue. Next is our minecart (haha 'mine-cart' get it?) that places mines. And lastly our Chaosbringer, first in it's unpacked (but moveable) form and then in it's main, stationary form.

And that's it for today! Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend and if you wonder something please send us a question! :)

Until next time!

New Arsenal of Weapons!


Time again for a new blogpost, damn getting these out alot lately! Still pushing the others to say something too, but that's not going as fast. What I wanted to show off today is our brand new armory for Melee and Ranged units!
This is the new melee weapons, the hammer may have been seen earlier. Despite being the first one made though it's the weapon of an upgraded unit.

So from the left; The ordinary footsolidier Electosword, the Hammer-maniac Steamhammer and the shieldbearer Flamesword and wingshield combo.

Onwards to the Ranged weapons, again the musket here may have been seen earlier.

From the left; The old Musket used by the basic ranged musketeers, the sniper rifle used by the sharpshooters and the steampunk minigun of the Steam-auto-gunners.
Gonna try to get another post out soon where we show of the artillery-units (can't do that yet unfortunately as I'm, still making the last one).

Please send us a message if you have any thoughts! :D

Until next time!

VLog and multicolor!


Me again, just wanted to share what we did in the end of the week;
Jimmy made a VLog, so watch him run around and be socially awkward, it's entertaining :D

Also we made a randomizer for the roof colors, there were a comment that our color-palette was awfully stale before, so we mixed it up some! Thoughts?

And finally I have implemented the first sounds, so no more playing in utter silence! Can't really show it of, but i thought I'd mention it. :)

Until next time!

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