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A time of development

Hello people!

It's been a while since my last blogpost (sorry!) but we have been very busy with development, so today I thought I'd share what we have been working on!

So thats some of the things we've been working on, probably forgot something.. But more about that later in that case :)
I have poked the others of our crew as well and they said they too would be putting up blogposts, so look forward to hearing from them!
Additionally we have made a steam-community group where we will be discussing the future of the game, so if you want to help making the game by leaving feedback or suggestions, that is a nice place to do it! The steamgroup is called "Tablemen dev" so come join us!

Until next time!

A brief history of our graphics!

Why hello there!

Time again for more fun blog posts! *Yay* Today we're taking a look at how the graphic has been looking, and how it has progressed.
So, firstly; Here is what the graphic looked like AFTER we made the first major graphic overhaul. Sadly I was not able to find any pictures of what it looked like before. (But it was slightly worse).

What happened in the first Graphical Overhaul was that we went from a texture based approach (covering the whole mesh in a texture) to applying materials to the meshes, giving them several looped materials, and thus increasing the texture quality manyfold while reducing the space needed.
So then a couple of months ago we made the second graphical overhaul, that were even bigger;

What happend here is that we decided on using a more cartoony artstyle, meaning that all of the meshes were rebuilt and all of the textures updated.
After that we updated the textures once more to give it more of a handpainted feeling. Also we changed the shader up as I talked about in a previous entry. And that brings us to what it look like today.
Last but not least, I wanted to show off something more today, I just finished making a new indicator for the resourcepoint!

How it is supposed to work is that when the characters enter the point, the lights (now looking very much solid) is lighting up on the pole one level at a time, showing that you have started capturing the point. When you actually DO capture the point, the big hanging flags on the pole turn to your color, and when you overcap it (meaning after you captured it, more on this in a later post) the flags around the edges of the point start turning your color and when its fully capped the flag on top of the pole turn your color. If it wasn't obvious enough your color in this case is red ;).

But that'll be it for this time! Hope you all think it has gotten prettier and if you have any suggestions please post them down below!
Oh! Also I implemented a comment system on this blog! If you write something and post it I'll see your comment later, you can't see the comments yet, but I'm working on it ^_^

Until next time!

A small preview of our shaders

Well met!

Today I thought I'd show off some more of our art and our shaders. I will try to be brief and not use any complicated terms :)

So, the shader we use is a cel-shader combined with an outline shader. What the cel-shader do is to manipulate the shadows and create "hard lines" known as bands. What the outline shader do is to create a black line at the edges of a mesh. Both shaders are done so that they can be tailored into alot of different results. Combined, these shaders give our cartoony feel. I will attach some images that showcase this. For a more advanced explanation, we used to have the shaders working in the "post-process" stage, but this gave us alot of problems with transparent textures and particle-systems. As a solution to this we created a super-material that created a "false-lightning" so all the shadows were calculated and applied straight in the material. Since this no longer were happening in post-process, the problem didn't occur. Our outline shader however is still working in the post-process stage, since it does not give us any problems we keep it there for now.

I think that's about it for this time, next time i hope to have come up with all the pictures I need to give you guys a history of how horrible the graphics looked before we did the first and second overhaul. (it was pretty terrible!) x)

Until next time!

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