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Hello World! - A first blog post

Hello Everyone!

My name is Duappe and I'm one of the graphical designers on Stenkross Studios. This will be the first of many blog posts related to our game to come: Tablemen.
This blog is to show off all the amazing stuff we develop, ranging from cool new graphical features to whatever the coders churn out. You will probably (hopefully) hear from the other five in time to come. I'm writing this first blog post specifically to A. have something (Anything) on the blog, and B. because i just finished making it. (thanks to my webdesign professor from highschool!) I realize however that no one will be able to read this until the blog goes live (hopefully in a few days!) but i thought I'd write some anyway!

If you want to contact us, please do send us a message on facebook and so on (details down below), if you want to get ahold of me personally, you can mail me at duappe@stenkrossstudios.com, I'll also try to keep myself updated on all of our social medias.

So that's that! Hope we'll hear from you and hope you look forward to what we are working on, more posts will come and if you want to see something specific just ask. :)

Best regards

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